i decided!

good morning loll


i have written for three continuous day loll.

Yesterday I told my senior colleague that I would like to check "Toyo Keizai" because English is schooped up in it. But day before yesterday, our company didnt get it, but she got yesterday so she brought me!! How's nice????


Anyway, i cant umblievable to marry with famous comedian "Nankai-cyandies Yamachan" and "Ms. Aoi Yu"as actress.

This is very very fantastic news, so great!! Nice.


And I wanna talk about what I decide. I would like to be sales represantative for Japanese sake and beer like that.

Through marketing and presentating for alschohol made in Japan, I have introduced for Japan and many foreighner would be more lived to our native home.

If so, it's has more chance to meet foreiner than now and to marry with foregner as well.



As so, i have to more learn English more and more. Next weekend I will gonna research some Sakagura -It's the place made sake. This is like rural area because it would be more large area.-

In addition, I can study and study not only En but any language. Someday i have studied language skill Korean and Chinese everyday. So more progress, i would be made homepage.


It's time to gonna company. Todays 10 min.


Thank you.