Todays lesson

Before i took a lesson in night, i worked on my job. And my boss had a role for picking our customer up to hotel he stayed. 

What a hell, he treated me for Starubucks. Actually long time to drink on Starubucks so i was so excited to do it loll


Anyway, im sharing for some dialogue in Enclish business lesson.

1. a play on word: mix meaning 

2. stands for something: like NASA stands for Aeronautics.

3. make a fuss out of something; making fuss out of the color of my socks.(unmatching color) 


This prase is a little bit confused for me especially make a fuss out of something.

you wear tops and bottoms but both colors are weird so it makes a fuss out of the color f your clothes.


Voca: funerals ceremonies for buries

burial; funeral

sympathy;  respect to death people


Thank you.