Compared with K-pop and J-pop

Today, I have recommended to BLACK PINK who are idols in Korea but they are really cute and good at not only dancing but singing. Every day when I wake up early morning, I have listened their songs. Their sounds is so awesome and lyric is also good. If you have any time or you subscribe on Spotify, you should find “BLACK PINK” and you can listen “Don’t know what to do”. I love this song!


Usually, Japanese pop is compared with Korean pop but their marketing concepts are totally different from them. Korean pop (Black pink and so on…), their culture has tried to approach all over the world.

On the other hand, Japanese pop, their culture is still not so disclosing, for example, we cannot get still photos through Internet. In internet news column, people who write about johnny’s, they cannot use photo in this article.

This is too limited from this office. I cannot understand why they would like not to disclosure their photos.


Anyway, Korean pop’s marketing is better than Japanese pop and then our music marketing should get the American target.