I cannot believe it

Good evening, 

Actually i had a lesson about safety trading regulation in another place from 11 am to 16:30 pm. This is because I cannot make any sentenses for this site.

But I went back to my home, I could make dinner and muscle traning !


I Can Do It everyday!!!!

By the way, my boss told me that my senior colleague he will quit job in this term TT

Firstly I heard this bad news, I could not believe it and I said "WHAT??? I CANT BELIEVE IT!"

Regarding him, he would like to his home because his father (age is over 90 years old) is too old and his mother has died for half year. Other siblings already have married so only he can take care about his father so this is the reason.

Im really sad to hear it. I like him to work together and his humor is interesting for me so ....


Thank you.