My routine in morning

Good morrrning guys.

Today I got up early as usual 3:00 am but I went to bed twice LOLL

However, I always got up 5:45 am so I could keep my eyes on time.

And then I prepare OBENTO, Im training for my body under PFC cycle which is under P: protein F: Fat C: carbohydrate.   This cycle is calculated about my calories consumption.

In my body, it is 1780 kcal. And everyday I just checked my meal, thus I have eaten too fat to eat. Therefore I try to decrease fat like 15-20 % from whole instead I will get protein twice or more over.

Protein is needed to make my muscle and skin and hair something like that. In addition, I have ever got protein shortage. So I will get more protein than ever!!


Everyone, you can do it from today. Today is the best since you ever live!

We can perfume the best right now!!!


Thank you,