Considering my target

Today, I have paid holiday because recently my role is not interesting and actually iI m bored to my jobs.

Thus, i have paid holiday and in the morning i have washed my caerpet....

Eventully our place where i live in tokyo, is good weather (In japan we have rainy weather "TSUYU") so washing much not only clothes but carpet.

I LOVE washing and doing housework and so on. Therefore im LUCKY feeling today in stead of early morning.


Today, I will write about my work out and atopic someday. I wanna share my info to people who are suffering from allegy.

When I was child, my skin was too dry and allegy. I was so dipressed it and my feeling everyday was sad and dark.

Was high school student, suddenly my skin was the wrost i have ever lived.

That's too f**c. But everyday i have to take a medicine and work out. So my skin was better than its.


Thank you.