Will starting a lesson

Good morning,

Yesterday I had to work as translating greeting for our predident in my company, but finishing yesterday for 3 hours. This was I think a little fast and owing to this role, I can contacrt my english teacher after a long time.

And I would like to prepare a lesson for outputting English anytime, so I can propose it and she accepted it. 

Every Saturday morning, I will take a lesson next Satuday!



By the way, in Japan almost people have a insurance especially life insurance. And of course, I am also taking not Life insurance I just have taken personal pension howevere, "Insurance" is not said to good investment product. 

But Japanese people wanna avoid the risk but almost people who live in other countries, they do not take out an insurance policy. Therefore, I quit my insurance and I will pay more my health like going gym or my food and buy many books like that!


This is more benefit than having insurance. So if you consider insurance, please think carefully.


Thank you.