Japanese sake

Good morning, starting 4th day in my diary English.


For subjected my article, I would like to be a infruencer for Japanese sake.

At first, I love drinking alchohol recentry for my health I don't so much making a chance to do that. But throught Japanese sake, I wanna introduce my home country and most of foreiner want to change theire mind that Japan is good, they wanna to gonna Japan.

Therefore, It can be stopped that it is later and later to low population in this situation.


Also, we face many bad situation, this would be changed to better.


By rthe way, I should get more vocablary English and i could make sentence more deeply I think.

Be patiend!!!!  Actually i do not have topic today so I do not write many sentence. In weekend input and input many voca. 

Everyday I just listen and watch "FRIENDS" this is good lesson for me.