Our Yama-chan have married with famous and pretty cute Aoi-Yu!

Good day!


I have to inform to you guys, our Yama-chan (who is comedian named "Nankai-cyandies") finally get married with famous and cute Ms. Aoi Yu!

She is very very pretty and one of famous and good at acting in Japan.

They just had relationship 2 monthes! What a hell!!!!
But both of them look like so nice and matching atmosfere ;)


Yesterday night, they held meeting to us and people who work as reporter in mass-media. But some of them told to her that she was known "Masho-no onna(like bi**h)", but why you decided to marry with her? She lied to you Yama-chan?


I think this question is crazy and suck for her. She looked like crying, however yama-chan answered she is not so, and she has warming heart and honest not bad woman.

This shoot was really really amazing xxxx

Anyway, hope happy and amazing life with both of them!


It's time!