Today's my schedule

Gooood day.

Today is the second day for writing my diary.

It is exciting because I can continue two days writing it. Actually I had been to CA and Philipines as studing abroad but it was just short term and a little bit ago. This is because I have to study and study more and continuously.


Recently, I have a habit to watch "FRIENDS" through NETFLIX. It was funny for me, also recommend for anyone who wanna study daily conversation. It's just everyday story not so serious not so special. Therefore, you can see it without concentration.

Please see that if you have any time.


By the way, i would like to study Chinese as well. Who can teach me that language. I study by myself and listen CD which was bought in any bookstore.

However, I dont know my pronounciation is good or bad and I cannot change to correct good pronounciation and chinese is more difficult that English because of grammar. So I have to find person who can teach me it.


Anyway, everyday I have tried to written journy in English, it is tough for me. My brain is suck and i should input more english words.

Today minitues is '11. It is longer than today.


Its time to prepare gonna company. Bye.