Not forgot, just busy.


Finally my colleague will be coming today and started to lesson about working with her. Actually im doubt whether her role is good or bad, but her atmosphere is not so bad and we had lived in Nerima when we were childhood ! What a miracle! We talked about it and we are same old this is because we can get along together not so spending time!

Hope that we are getting along with until future.


Thank you.

Today's lesson

Todays lesson; Bowing in Japan


1. Deeply ingrained: this is like habitable, something is deeply ingrainted when it is so established that it is hard to change 

For example, when i was young i always eat my nails after mature, eating my nails is deeply ingrained.(just example so i have never eaten my nails ever loll)

2. a slight/deep bow; is the act of bending the head or body a little or lot to greet someone or show respect (if you would like to show apology, you should do that (deep bow))

3. convey somethnig; to express it.

In japan, we always add "-san" after name, it conveys to respect them.


And then i shared about bowing culture in Japan. Bowing whether we japanese use phone made my teacher laghter loll


Thank you

Searching my purse

TOday, after working out in Ogikubo, i went to search my new purse(Mony clip).

When i searched it, i found some store where have cow skin purse. "Tsuchiya-kaban", "IL BIZONTE", "CYPRIS", "genten" and "GANZO".

But the purse i requested is thin but almost all stores have too thick and i dont want to buy them, after that i went to Daimaru near Tokyo sta. Finally, i met the purse i would like to have ideal it!! CYPRIS!! Please see URL as below.

This brand is made in JAPAN and some technist make leather some items. I really love it.

Ill uplode when i will buy it.





Many plan

Today, I had many many plan like going skin hospital, and taking a English lesson, going teeth hospital and hanging out with not stranger but just boy who meet twice as this time.

But i love this busy schedule but i dont like suddenly changing booking time, REALLY.

For cutting my foot corn(This is named by Uonome in Japan), I went to skin hospital.

After that, i took a lesson for improving English skill. Today's lesson subject is as below.

- to be geared toward someone; to be made to suit a particular type of person.

- a-rent- a-something

- have someone to something


In addition, we shared about topic which is created original service in JP, like renting BF or friends or just shooting marriage cosutume without broom.

Many topic was sharing with my teacher and i think my engish skill is better and better so i have to have myteacher to teach me loll


And then i went to teeth hospital where i have never been to there. I was scared everyday if i tried anywhere firsttime. But this doctor was so kind and to teach me about what to do, how to brush my teeth. Therefore I recommended it please see URL as below. 

Anyway, after these events, i had a promise to meet strangers (actually not stranger but just  meet boy twice).

BUT, we should meet same recognized restaurant on 19:00. However, he talked that sorry im late please slide on 19:30? so i answered "OK, we will meet on 19:30" 10 min later, he also said to sorry for late but i can go there on 20;00 so could we meet this time?....


I really hate this kind of promice! If you are student even university student, i can forgive it but he is society even though he is older than me!  but he cannot read expected time i think. He pissed me off extremely.  I really disappointed so canceled it.

And maybe i have never met him anymore. Huh,,,,,,


Im really mad therefore went to convenient store and bought some alcohols and writing while drinking it.



Compared with K-pop and J-pop

Today, I have recommended to BLACK PINK who are idols in Korea but they are really cute and good at not only dancing but singing. Every day when I wake up early morning, I have listened their songs. Their sounds is so awesome and lyric is also good. If you have any time or you subscribe on Spotify, you should find “BLACK PINK” and you can listen “Don’t know what to do”. I love this song!


Usually, Japanese pop is compared with Korean pop but their marketing concepts are totally different from them. Korean pop (Black pink and so on…), their culture has tried to approach all over the world.

On the other hand, Japanese pop, their culture is still not so disclosing, for example, we cannot get still photos through Internet. In internet news column, people who write about johnny’s, they cannot use photo in this article.

This is too limited from this office. I cannot understand why they would like not to disclosure their photos.


Anyway, Korean pop’s marketing is better than Japanese pop and then our music marketing should get the American target.




Indian Restaurant"Daba India"

Good day to you.

Yesterday, period was started so today im to tired and sleepy.

Anyway, yesterday I went to a famous yummy north Indian cuisine in Kyobashi. That was perfect I have ever been to Indian cuisine before. That interior was so nice, wall was blue but it was higher than usual restaurant.

Nevertheless saying, cuisine was also delicious, I’d like to go there with friends again. The restaurant is chosen the best selection 2017, 2018 I “TABELOG”. “TASBELOG” is one of the restaurants evaluated site in Japan. And many restaurants are evaluated by any other people who like eating and evaluating.

If you have just curious for it, please see URL as below.

This restaurant is much popular and famous so I recommend to you that you will reserve in advance.




Thank you.