I cannot believe it

Good evening, 

Actually i had a lesson about safety trading regulation in another place from 11 am to 16:30 pm. This is because I cannot make any sentenses for this site.

But I went back to my home, I could make dinner and muscle traning !


I Can Do It everyday!!!!

By the way, my boss told me that my senior colleague he will quit job in this term TT

Firstly I heard this bad news, I could not believe it and I said "WHAT??? I CANT BELIEVE IT!"

Regarding him, he would like to his home because his father (age is over 90 years old) is too old and his mother has died for half year. Other siblings already have married so only he can take care about his father so this is the reason.

Im really sad to hear it. I like him to work together and his humor is interesting for me so ....


Thank you.

My routine in morning

Good morrrning guys.

Today I got up early as usual 3:00 am but I went to bed twice LOLL

However, I always got up 5:45 am so I could keep my eyes on time.

And then I prepare OBENTO, Im training for my body under PFC cycle which is under P: protein F: Fat C: carbohydrate.   This cycle is calculated about my calories consumption.

In my body, it is 1780 kcal. And everyday I just checked my meal, thus I have eaten too fat to eat. Therefore I try to decrease fat like 15-20 % from whole instead I will get protein twice or more over.

Protein is needed to make my muscle and skin and hair something like that. In addition, I have ever got protein shortage. So I will get more protein than ever!!


Everyone, you can do it from today. Today is the best since you ever live!

We can perfume the best right now!!!


Thank you,

Introducing about "OKAMOTO'S"

Good morning!

Today I would like to introduce for OKAMOTO'S which is famousn lock band in Tokyo.

Actually, im fan of them when i was graduating university student. So just 6 years for fans. But they are as old as me and everytime when i listen to their songs, i am encouraged from their activity.

In shinjuku, this place was raised them so i would like to get closer if i will move to Tokyo. Therefore this is one of my reasons i moved to tokyo and find to my job.

Anyway, please show their songs and miusic video.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5_DXTJPijQ


Thank you


Recently, Black pink who is the one of famous K-POP group raising YG makes me CRAZY!!

What a awesome song and amazing dance! I love them not only entertainment but their personaliles.

Actually, when i was university student I had been crazied about SNSD and TVXQ.

However, i got bored about that so after this feeling i had quitted but they(BLACK PINK) are gread as well. So I re support to them through KPOP.

And also i start studing KR again.


Thank you.

Considering my target

Today, I have paid holiday because recently my role is not interesting and actually iI m bored to my jobs.

Thus, i have paid holiday and in the morning i have washed my caerpet....

Eventully our place where i live in tokyo, is good weather (In japan we have rainy weather "TSUYU") so washing much not only clothes but carpet.

I LOVE washing and doing housework and so on. Therefore im LUCKY feeling today in stead of early morning.


Today, I will write about my work out and atopic someday. I wanna share my info to people who are suffering from allegy.

When I was child, my skin was too dry and allegy. I was so dipressed it and my feeling everyday was sad and dark.

Was high school student, suddenly my skin was the wrost i have ever lived.

That's too f**c. But everyday i have to take a medicine and work out. So my skin was better than its.


Thank you.