Rest for work out

Yesterday, my work out was stopped because my muscle was burn too exercise.

And then, people who update for work out in Youtube, all tell work out only twice per week is OK.

So I trust this message, I took a rest yesterday also I just studied for customs exam. In October we have take a exam as customs. I think it is too difficult to study for just 5 months. However, anybody can do that if we can do our best everyday. I’ll got this license definitely. That’s why I have to have purse a target continually.


By the way, I consider that I have written blog about work out if you are Atopic dermatitis in japan.

Someone was atopic dermatitis when you are adults. Because your lifestyle was crazy, so you would be it. I will write in Japanese if you are interested this topic, please check it through this website!


Thank you.

I forgot today diary loll

Good afternoon, guys.

I totally forgot writing diary so right now I will be updating these sentences. In this morning, finally my weight can be losing! How nice…

I don’t know that yesterday I ate “Frapeccino” in Starbucks! However, my weight was losing!


In retrospect, yesterday when I went to my home, I just tried muscle lesson 15 minus watching my favorite youtube channel ”Best Body Life”. This is because my weight was losing…?


And I usually see any muscle channel and they always say that muscle lesson is only twice a week is OK. More twice a week, that is OVER WORK. People who cannot be losing weight tries to three times a week or more over. This is not health for their bodies.


Thus, I will try to work out only twice a week and Just do it!!

Thank you.

Work Out

Good day to you.

Yesterday, I worked out my muscle because of losing my weight. And I found some channel in Youtube. I would like to introduce some subscribers.

Firstly, Best Body LIFE, this is the introduction how to work out without any institutions.

Just 5 minutes, we can work out only YOGA sheet. Her body is more tightened than any other women and her hip looks like peach!

So nice I could be her body so I try working out everyday.


In addition, Mr. Terashima he is one of bodybuilders, his channel is the most logical lesson all muscle channels. I love his channel because his opinion has all evidences and performances.


Please check it out their channel, if you would like to lose your weight or be more tightened body.



Terashima channel URL:

One week‼

Today, anniversary for one week!

Actually, I don’t think to continue diary more, but I want to write more complicated dialogue. For that, I have to input any vocabularies and study grammer.


And I will start to have a lesson this weekend Saturday, Im so excited it!


Anyway, yesterday I got massage in Kinshi-cho. This massage store managed only woman who looks like over 60 years old, but she has many many technic knowledges for esthetic.  

In addition, she taught how to tie shoelaces it was the most comfortable I have ever lived.

That was amazing. If anybody wanna know it, please contact me.

And also she has many information where she lives around.

That experience made me more information about feet, in addition, I would like to quest for these study.


Thank you.

I will gonna foot massage

Good morning, everyone.


Yesterday, I went to gym in Tamachi and 45 min by bycycle and massle excersice.

But my hamstrings was broken so really painful. I can walk but a little bit paintful...

Next week i will have a take rest and today for rest i will gonna massage in Kinshi-cho.

This massage store has many good comments through review. 

I will attach URL as this massage site. Please see that.


Yesterday, I went to not only gym but cafe in Nakano. This is called "Mugs".

Like Ethnic Cafe, I ordered "Chibetan-cocoa Bread with ice cream".

That makes me happy ! so delicious!!


Thank you.


URL massage store:

URL Mugs:

Will starting a lesson

Good morning,

Yesterday I had to work as translating greeting for our predident in my company, but finishing yesterday for 3 hours. This was I think a little fast and owing to this role, I can contacrt my english teacher after a long time.

And I would like to prepare a lesson for outputting English anytime, so I can propose it and she accepted it. 

Every Saturday morning, I will take a lesson next Satuday!



By the way, in Japan almost people have a insurance especially life insurance. And of course, I am also taking not Life insurance I just have taken personal pension howevere, "Insurance" is not said to good investment product. 

But Japanese people wanna avoid the risk but almost people who live in other countries, they do not take out an insurance policy. Therefore, I quit my insurance and I will pay more my health like going gym or my food and buy many books like that!


This is more benefit than having insurance. So if you consider insurance, please think carefully.


Thank you.

Japanese sake

Good morning, starting 4th day in my diary English.


For subjected my article, I would like to be a infruencer for Japanese sake.

At first, I love drinking alchohol recentry for my health I don't so much making a chance to do that. But throught Japanese sake, I wanna introduce my home country and most of foreiner want to change theire mind that Japan is good, they wanna to gonna Japan.

Therefore, It can be stopped that it is later and later to low population in this situation.


Also, we face many bad situation, this would be changed to better.


By rthe way, I should get more vocablary English and i could make sentence more deeply I think.

Be patiend!!!!  Actually i do not have topic today so I do not write many sentence. In weekend input and input many voca. 

Everyday I just listen and watch "FRIENDS" this is good lesson for me.